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8:00 AM EDT, USA

Where the flow state immerses with isometric strength poses.

Performance Training Exploration


At Freeborn Fitness & Holistic Healing we are massive geeks when it comes to body movement.

Exercise patterns consist of 7-primal patterns: squatting, lunging, bending, pushing, pulling, rotation and gait (running, walking). 

Conceptually, we have 5-points of contact and 3-planes with a navigation control center that stems from the back of the head.

High-performance training on Freeborn Friday is an exploration delivered in a flow state with tremendous fortitude.

What sort of exercises are performed

The exercise selection will commonly be bodyweight where we create points of leverage and seek to find 'value proposition positions'. 


You will be challenged with your balance and muscular endurance while we hold certain poses for extended periods of time. 

We will do a bunch of lunges, squats and bending patterns while the upper body explores ways to amplify torque with extreme isometric engagement. 

We will spend some time on our hands and knees, standing and any number of positions.

Some days will have more variability, other days will involve fewer patterns performed during numerous circuits. 

I will guide you and give you cues while offering modifications along the way.

Each class will last around 35-45 minutes (give or take).

Community Performance Training 411

The performance training is bundled within the Warriors LIVE Community, which includes weekly roundtable discussions and high-performance training sessions along with quarterly workshops.

Either join us during the live training session for a real-time experience or do the work on replay for up to 30-days.


How to Enroll in the performance class

We recommend you purchase the Freeborn Neck Protocol online course with the Summer Sale Bundle for $197 and get the Warriors LIVE Community for 3-months absolutely FREE.


Or, if you do not want the FNP online course, purchase access to the Warriors LIVE Community for $49 per month. (Cancel anytime)

As for those of you who already own the FNP online course, you each have 100% VIP access to the Warriors LIVE Community through September of 2022 because we appreciate you for being early adapters of our protocols.

Check this out...

The FNP online course, weekly WLC Roundtable, weekly Performance Training and the quarterly Workshop have a combined value of $941...saving you over 78% compared to $197 during the Summer Sale. (Craziness)

Warriors LIVE Community Q3 Schedule

Warriors LIVE Roundtable

   ~ Tuesdays @ 8:00 PM EDT, USA

Warriors LIVE High-Performance Training

   ~ Fridays @ 8:00 AM EDT, USA

Warriors LIVE Workshop

   ~ July 23, 2022 @ 11:00 AM EDT, USA

Unable to Attend a Warriors LIVE Event?

The recording will be available for 30-days.

My first time doing FNP I felt relaxed and at peace of mind. Throughout 2021 I did FNP a lot and felt it really helped my running. I challenge my friends and people my age to do FNP because I believe it will take you to the next level of your fitness goals.

Jason Gould, United States,

Student Athlete 

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