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Freeborn Warrior: One who is engaged energetically in self-care and a healthier future for our children. 

Are are ready to think and act intentionally with your health and wellness program?

John instructs functional training to improve coordination and athletic performance for pain-free living.

Johanna teaches kundalini yoga to awaken your infinite potential through a nervous system reset.

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  • 30-Minute phone consultation to review, refocus and recommit

Warrior On-Demand

  • Ever-expanding library of fitness / yoga classes (class descriptions below)

  • Customized strength training programs with detailed progressions and instruction

  •   Corrective exercise tutorials designed to help you improve mobility, stability and flexibility 

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Unlimited access to Live Stream classes (schedule below) and membership to Warrior On-Demand

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A 21-minute class where we perform a large variety of Tai chi inspired functional patterns to challenge all three planes of our body, simultaneously. We will feel refreshed (yet fatigued) upon completion of this session. 


Ultimately, our objective is to open-up our effective range of motion by integrating flexibility, mobility and stability while increasing strength.                                       


We are going to do what they say can't be done. ;)

Trainer: John Welch


Equipment: Bodyweight, 6" Foam Roller

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6:00AM, 8:30AM CT

Tuesday, Thursday 12:00PM, 5:00PM CT

A 34-minute class designed to develop our seven primal patterns of movement (squats, bends, lunges, pushes, pulls, rotations and gait) with tremendous focus on technique. 


A series of complex "big bang" exercises will fatigue our nervous system as much as our musculoskeletal system, teaching us how to expand our perceived limitations.


We will progress relentlessly from one pattern to the next with a reasonably short rest. We will work hard for the sake of improving our motor skills versus blatantly overtraining.

Trainer: John Welch


Equipment: bodyweight, dumbbells, Swiss ball


Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6:30AM, 9:00AM CT

Tuesday, Thursday 12:30PM, 5:30PM CT


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A 34-minute children's yoga class of fun movement, imaginative relaxation, simple meditation and a game/activity for children ages 7-10.


Brain-body exercise and breath work enable mindfulness that increase a child's capacity for self-empowerment, self-confidence and self-regulation.


Children have an innate sense of wonder and intuition. They are organically radiant beings that have access to their infinite potential. Yoga is a tool to help them retrieve and nurture their birthright to be amazing!

Teacher: Johanna Navari Welch

Equipment: yoga mat

Wednesday 4:00PM CT

Thursday 11:00AM CT

Saturday 9:00AM CT

This all levels class consists of conscious breath work, navel-inspired movement,   relaxation and meditation. 


Kundalini is described as the dormant energy that sits at the base of the spine. While moving through specific postures, body locks and breath patterns, we move the kundalini energy up the spine and into the crown to reset, recharge and renew our body and mind. 


Get your Kundalini yogi on!

Teacher: Johanna Navari Welch


Equipment: yoga mat, cushion, blanket

Quick-Fix Kundalini Yoga (34-minutes)

Monday, Friday 12:00PM CT

Kundalini Yoga (89-minutes)

Tuesday 6:30PM CT

Midday Meditation (13-minutes)

Wednesday 12:00PM CT

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Meditation is a gift - no fee

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Tony, Dentist

My physician strongly recommended I call John Welch to help me become stronger and healthier. Not only did I return to golfing and skiing, but I also began competing in triathlons. Whether you want to compete in a triathlon or just become healthier and feel better, John can help. He is a caring and knowledgeable professional who will help you achieve your fitness goals.


Cecilia, Attorney

For the past year I have had the privilege of Atma Daspriti/Johanna Welch’s leadership in teaching a morning practice of sadhana. Her energy is nurturing and accepting propelling one to be self nurturing and self accepting. She teaches without ego but full of curiosity and awe about possibilities opening your eyes to the wonder of the endeavor. Atma Daspriti is truly a teacher in her soul and of the soul. You will be uplifted by encountering her in whatever setting! 


Megan, Business Owner

I sincerely recommend John and have worked with him for close to two years. His holistic approach has served me well both mentally and physically. I have slowed down where I've needed to with breathing, and focus in my training. I have incorporated superfood into my lifestyle, as well as meditation and strength training. As a result, I have shed some extra pounds and have increased my mental clarity and both physical and mental performance. John is more than a trainer, he truly helps to cultivate your lifestyle.