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CuZn Water Filtration

Trusted by Freeborn Since 2009

As your CuZn Affiliate, we will ensure to optimally match your system with the water source for the healthiest possible outcome.

We will process your order and drop-ship the items directly to your home.

Rest assured we will extend a 10% discount pay your shipping costs. 

Click 'CuZn Consultation' to determine your water filtration needs.

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Kangen Water

Advanced Hydration for Freeborn Since 2009

Thank you for choosing us to coach and potentially sponsor your Kangen Water purchase.

Water is a big deal and there are a number of factors to keep in mind.

Please click 'Kangen Consultation' to determine your best course of action.


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Name: John Welch Fitness

Phone: 847-533-3481


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BodyHealth PerfectAmino

A Freeborn Staple Since 2015...A Must for Us

When it comes to feeding our bodies high-quality protein, the PerfectAmino is our goto brand.

These work great for our intermittent fasting lifestyle, giving us a boost of 8 essential amino acids upon rising each day.

Feel free to shop the entire BodyHealth product line even though this link will take you directly to the PerfectAmino.

Choose your size and bulk options, 10% Off Code: FREEBORN10

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The Freeborn Superfood Faves Since 2015

Purium has dozens of excellent organic, non-GMO raw superfoods, so help yourself to whatever looks good. 


Our favorite items at the moment are 

C From Nature and Zinc-Ade.

Please use code 'InjoyPureNutrition' to secure a $50 discount on your first purchase of $75 or more.

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Black Oxygen Organics

Freeborn's Fulvic is Fantastic!

We weren't looking for the best fulvic/humic powder available on Earth, yet couldn't resist the results.

At this point, please purchase as a retail customer and avoid the $1.00 up-charge to become a distributor.

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Freeborn's Favorite Hemp Products

There are roughly 2000 brands of hemp oil (CBD) on the market at this time, so take your pick.

We know the owners personally and are extremely pleased with these amazingly well-made products.

Use coupon code FREEBORN for 20% off MSRP, which cannot be combined with other specials or disconts.

Wallace Farms

Nick Wallace and Freeborn Go Way Back

For those of you seeking grass fed cattle raised in the heartland of America, we highly recommend Wallace Farms.

Nick has become a close friend for many years and we are certain you will be thrilled to know him as well.


Use coupon code FREEBORN20 for 20% off your first order.

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My Green Mattress

Organic, Affordable, Comfortable Sleep

Back in 2015, we were in the market for a new mattress. We knew we wanted it to made of organic materials and quickly discovered our options were limited and, for the most part, costly. 

Fortunately, we decided to visit My Green Mattress is LaGrange IL and have the pleasure of meeting Tim Masters, the owner and master craftsman. We love our Natural Escape and urge you to click below and order yours today.

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Take Flight, Freeborn Style!

Rebounding is one of those activities that offers a bunch of value in a small window of time. The 'gravity' - 'anti-gravity' effect where the extra load at the bottom and weightlessness at the top gives the body an excellent opportunity pump the cells and heighten a nervous system reaction.

As someone who's been challenged with unstable knees since childhood, the cloud-like feeling a the bellicon is a massive gift and the key point of difference over other brands.

As a posture junky, the bellicon helps re-engineer the spine, tremendously so.