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The 4 Archetypes

When it comes to self-healing, it is important to understand when and how to leverage each of the 4 archetypes listed below.

There are many other archetypes we could discuss and apply, however, these four do a nice job of framing the state of mind required for self-healing.

At Freeborn Fitness & Holistic Healing, we find the most crucial archetype from the get-go is that of the Warrior.

Here is a quick breakdown of the upside and downside of each archetype…

Little Boy/Girl

Upside: The time to tap into your Little Boy/Girl archetype is when you are creatively exploring your body’s cues while re-engineering your functionality / lifestyle, thus making playful curiosity a valuable tool.

Downside: If you are stuck in your Little Boy/Girl archetype, you will continually look for ways to be healed by someone / something else, which places you in a state of helplessness.


Upside: The Warrior archetype is essential for getting started on your self-healing journey while giving you the confidence to take charge and remain committed when you face adversity.

Downside: The Warrior archetype will get you in trouble if it overrides your better judgment and pushes you into a ‘no pain, no gain’ mentality.


Upside: The King/Queen archetype gives you an overall direction and helps you strategize your efforts across a holistic landscape of change.

Downside: The King/Queen archetype will become a problem if you attempt to over-delegate your healing efforts to labcoats and bio-hacking gadgets.

Wise Old Man/Woman

Upside: The Wise Old Man/Woman archetype is crucial for ensuring that short-term solutions also support your longevity and establish your legacy.

Downside: The risk from being too focused on your Wise Old Man/Woman archetype is you may determine it’s too late for you to make progress and give up hope.

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