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That Deep Abdominal Wall, though!

I gotta share something that makes my heart sing!

I began training a fabulous mother of four a couple months back.

She was referred by an amazing FB friend and our sessions have been performed via Zoom.

We hit a home run from day one, starting with the neck (of course).

  • Eliminated longterm chronic neck / shoulder pain incurred from an exercise strain, immediately.

  • Significantly reduced (and continue to reduce) a prominent Dowager’s Hump within the first few weeks.

  • Neck range of motion is nearly 100% without restriction or discomfort.

Then, yesterday, through asking her questions and watching her move, we agreed to dive into a protocol to restore her Transversus Abdominis (TVA).

I can only image, but after delivering four babies naturally and a major lower abdominal surgery that took place after the third baby...the TVA can tend to shutdown.

So, 10-minutes ago, she messaged me to let me know she feels “good sore” deep within her abdominal region, specifically observing, “it actually feels different already. Or maybe I'm just realizing it's there now.”

My reply:

There are always two sides of the story.

1- muscle strength and ability 2- nervous system signaling

I should have listed those two items in opposite order. You likely woke a sleeping giant. Now, through patient consistency, you will see an increased capacity for your TVA to perform autonomically.

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