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Pain is an Opportunity

I’ll tell you, I had my fair share of neck issues in life.

  • Born with a forward cervical curve.

  • Lots of concussions, likely due to a neck that lacked stability.

  • Dozens of stingers, definitely due to a neck compressed my nerves.

  • Countless stiff necks.

  • High velocity Chiropractic care with overly aggressive traction, gone wrong.

  • Destroyed right shoulder while boxing when my neck compromised the nerve, taking five months to lift my arm over my head.

  • Developed neuropathy throughout the same arm I injured boxing.

I am not complaining, not by a long shot.

Each injury was met with confidence I would heal.

And, heal I did.

Pain is an opportunity.

Two years ago I serendipitously discovered how to activate my ligamentum nuchae (LN).

Heck, I didn’t even know what a LN was until I felt it sticking out the back of my neck.

The neuropathy I was dealing with was gone immediately.

The stability and strength of the shoulder magnified dramatically.

My entire spine became more stable and I could feel all of my all of my joints become more confident.

This is why I am certain the neck must be a primary consideration of anyone’s program.

I can teach you. Just ask.

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