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Live in the Thrive with Sandra Lee

My rule is to only coach amazing people and Sandra Lee epitomizes this fact.

When Sandra invited me to be her guest and to share a few words in advance of the interview, she specifically asked, "why should my audience care (about the ligamentum nuchae)"?

Here goes...

If you have lousy posture, you should care.

If you have pain anywhere in your body, particularly your neck / shoulders, you should care.

If you have tried numerous ways to improve your cervical spine functionality without making significant progress, you should care.

If you have neuropathy, you should care.

If you wish to learn empowering protocols to self-heal your neck related issues in the comfort of your home for the rest of your life, you should care.

If you are a human being, you should care.

Keep this in mind...

All roads lead to the neck.

Everything hinges from the stability of the head.

The ligamentum nuchae is intimately responsible for making that happen considering it runs from the back of the skull through C7.

Please join me 'Live in the Thrive with Sandra Lee' on the 11th to learn more about Freeborn Neck Protocol.

I am excited for a fun dialogue and appreciate Sandra for being a gift to this Earth.

To learn more about Sandra Lee, please go to Miracle Inspirations.

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