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I'll be a Machine!

I developed a process to improve the function of my neck two years ago...because I was in pain and nothing else was working.

At the time, I was experiencing neuropathy down my right arm and it was getting worse, so I didn’t have much choice but to figure out a solution.

Although it took a bit of experimentation, I finally devised a movement solution that not only stopped the pins, needles and also improved the stability of other joints (including my “football knee”).

What’s even better, these exercises are very teachable and others are finding similar results.

The person in this message has been significantly compromised through their neck and shoulders for a solid year with little success using traditional modalities, but after one session they are already making progress.

I am able to teach you via Zoom, so do not feel like you need to see me in person.

I have your back (and neck, too).

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