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Have Wings, But Can't Fly?

Yet again, all roads lead to the neck.

Today was an interesting day, from an exercise geek standpoint, anyway.

Two of my amazing longevity clients are experiencing symptoms that caused us to place massive focus upon their serratus anterior muscles.

And, coincidentally, a new person in my life reached out seeking help with Traumatic Long Thoracic Nerve Palsy.

All of the above result in something more commonly known as 'scapular winging'.

Yes, you guessed it, I absolutely have protocols that will open up the appropriate pathways in order to bring the shoulder blades back into a functional state.

What I found many years ago, like most issues in the body, is the neck must be the cornerstone of this process.

Just look at the journey those humungous Long Thoracic Nerves (LTN) must take before they can feed the serratus anterior muscles.

What are the odds the scalene muscles are at the heart of the issue?

Keep going...

That's right, how can any of this stuff make progress without the Ligamentum Nuchae doing it's job?

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