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Freeborn and Xero Shoes Combine Forces

I developed painful bilateral neuropathy throughout my toes about 8-months ago, leading to the discovery that my feet had recently grown by a one-half shoe size. As a result, I tossed all of my shoes and now wear nothing but Xero Shoes.

All Roads Lead to the Neck

As the creator of Freeborn Neck Protocol (FNP), I might be a bit biased when it comes to the role of the ligamentum nuchae and how it impacts the performance of our entire musculoskeletal and neuromuscular systems, however, just give this some thought.

Our entire body works systematically and we have an enormous capacity to modify functionality via posture.

Yes, posture.

The rubber hits the road with our feet, therefore I recommend being barefooted as much as possible as long as doing so doesn't trigger pain.

When we humans wear shoes with elevated heels it will negatively impact our gait patterns and the behavior of our kinetic chains.

Get Xero Shoes, Right Here

I've been buying "barefoot" brands for close to 15-years so I was shocked to discover that Xero Shoes are many times more enjoyable to wear than any manufacturer I've personally experienced.

Literally, every single time I place Xero Shoes on my feet I feel a deep sense of gratitude.

My favorite aspect of Xero Shoes is the space they allow my forefoot, enabling me to toe splay all day.

Either click the image above or my AFFILIATE LINK to get your Xero Shoes today.

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