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Chronically Poor Posture is a Mixed Bag

Chronically poor posture can become extremely debilitating, as some of you know all too well.

It’s a game of self-observation.

Are you standing on the balls of your feet?

If you shift your weight to the heels, does it feel like you are going to fall?

Forward head posture?

Extension tilt of your cranium?

Severe scapular winging?

And on, and on.

There are times when people develop one or two issues.

Then, there are those with a long list of items to contend with from head to toe.

You gotta start somewhere.

Here’s my recommendation...

When it’s time to reinvent how your body moves I strongly encourage you to consider the role of your neck.

It is key to move your entire body with your neck as the focal point as it maximizes efficiencies and, subsequently, results.