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Big Rocks, Little Rocks

I take it for granted that people understand the concept of "big rocks, little rocks".

In short, based on my perspective, we need to take care of the biggest, most important issues first before we handle the smaller, less crucial items.

Makes sense, right?

This is, of course, a generalized approach and the level of urgency may impact priority status of any project we could mention.

When it comes to the musculoskeletal system, for example, people will contact me for countless issues and we must devise a plan that involves a square-one jumping off point to help them reach their goals.

Based on over 49-years of experience personally coping with and mitigating my pain along with 20-years as a professional coach, I have come to the conclusion there is one overriding rock that must moved first in 99.9% of the situations.

All roads lead to the neck and, more specifically, your ligamentum nuchae sets the course for stabilizing the entire body as well as improving the capacity for the nervous system to function optimally.

Not only is the LN of massive importance, odds are it is not activated and integrated with your intrinsic kinetic chain or fascia network.

I am an exercise geek who serendipitously figured out how to engage the ligamentum nuchae in ways that are duplicatable with the proper modifications.

Variables are common, so keep in mind your ability to respond ("responsibility") with our protocols is paramount.

We do not diagnose or treat anyone.

We teach you how to move exceptionally well and give you the tools to advance these skills on your own for the rest of your lifetime.

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