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Wet grass


There's a power in numbers, particularly when our core principles are built upon self-empowerment and mutual support. While we each strive for a healthier life, the realization of our greatest potential is magnified when we lift our fellow warriors to new heights.

Wet grass


Although motivation is key for a successful outcome, it will only take us so far without purpose-driven inspiration. Freeborn Warrior Nation will have your back and help you push beyond your limits, but it is essential for you to look inside each day to remain grounded.

Wet grass


Although it feels great to achieve short-term fitness goals, there's nothing like longterm sustained results. Longevity comes from developing a love affair with the process which, in turn, gives us the consistency to become a little bit better, day in and day out.

Above the Clouds

"Be a free thinker and don't accept everything you hear as truth. Be critical and evaluate what you believe in."



Freeborn Fitness and Holistic Healing is committed to helping you become a little bit healthier each day.

John is a functional exercise geek who's history of chronic pain since childhood led him to discover how specific movements and a holistic lifestyle are key to not only remove pain, but to improve performance.

Johanna is not only an amazing mother and the First Lady of Freeborn, she drives our strategic marketing and teaches brilliant kundalini yoga classes to children (ages 7-10) as well as adults.

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