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Meet John


The name "Freeborn" was originally given to John's great-great-great-great-grandfather born in 1785 and has been respectfully adopted for its many connotations. A core principle for John is the belief that we are free to walk an independent path of wellness. He holds firm it is our birthright to live as we so choose and, therefore, Freeborn advocates for freewill when it comes to pharmacological interventions.

His love for kinesiology and desire to help others optimize healthfulness was created from the chronic pain he experienced as a child. After many years of sleepless nights and a legit addiction to painkillers until he was 23-years old, he made a distinct choice to forge his own trail by placing more trust in self-awareness than profit-driven science.

He spends most days convincing others they were born to be amazing and will do the same for you if he is given the chance.

Freeborn serendipitously discovered the secret power of the Ligamentum Nuchae after a lifelong pursuit to overcome musculoskeletal pain.


The warrior-minded hire him to streamline their self-healing journey.

Meet Johanna

Johanna has dabbled with fitness and yoga since she was young. In 2019, she decided to take her yoga practice to a deeper level and became a certified Kundalini yoga teacher.


As a former Waldorf early childhood educator and pedagogical administrator, she has a deep connection to teaching young children and guiding families on their life journey. She recently added Radiant Child yoga certification to her wide range of expertise.


She has a joyful demeanor and sees the best in everyone. She is dedicated to her daily movement practice and enjoys spontaneous chanting and dancing throughout the day!


She believes that everyone has the ability to access their infinite potential to be happy, beautiful and wildly successful.


Johanna is most content anywhere in nature or enjoying a farm fresh meal made by her kiddos.

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