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The Ligamentum Nuchae (LN) is the best kept secret of our species and will unlock human potential when optimally activated and integrated.

Clients report reduced pain and increased performance with greater emotional calm and mental clarity.

John Welch is an exercise kinesiologist & holistic lifestyle coach who works with people remotely and will consider adding you to his schedule if you have a big enough dream with achievable goals.


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We begin with a no-fee consultation to discuss your unique situation.

If we determine you are a good fit for our methodologies, you will receive the FNP Course plus at least one private coaching session via Zoom.

One, three and six month coaching packages are also available.

Billy Hardwick Testimonial

"I was living with chronic neck pain for years.

TMJ issues, back, shoulders, hips, elbows...everything hurt.

It was exhausting, depressing and deeply concerning.

So, to actually feel healthy again is monumental for me.

I am almost completely pain free, energy levels are up and I'm sleeping more soundly.

I feel like I'm firing on all cylinders!

Total game changer. 

Everyone needs this information.

You're doing God's work, John.

I love you for it."

Screen Shot 2021-12-31 at 5.17.11 PM.png

"It's like I'm leveling up.

Every session provides new insight.

I am feeling connections between my tongue down to my hips.

Everything is integrating and beginning to function as one unit."

Jason Gould Testimonial

"I am a 17-year old runner and started doing Freeborn Neck Protocol in January of 2021 during sessions with John.

For 2022, my New Year resolution is to do FNP for at least 1-hour everyday.

I challenge my friends and people my age who do sports to do FNP because I believe it will take you to the next level of your fitness goals."

Jason Gould running.jpg

Casey Ury Testimonial

"I have learned so much from John in only four sessions.


I love that I can now take my health into my own hands and not have to rely on outside help.


Amazing...thank you, FNP!"

Casey Ury Action.png
Casey Ury Action.png

Sandra Lee Interviews John Welch

It was my extreme pleasure to coach Sandra over a period of six months. 

In this 38-minute video, Sandra interviews me about Freeborn Neck Protocol while offering her own testimonial for what happened when she unleashed her primal spinal intelligence.

Sandra is an amazing Intuitive Healer.


I encourage you to become acquainted with her at Miracle Inspirations



Love is the binding force of the Universe.

Clearly define your dream and the people on your dream team.

Your heart-driven desire must be at least 7 on a 10 scale to create change.

A big mistake people can make is to over-shoot on their goal, therefore it is key to be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely).


Yin (female) and Yang (male) are in functional opposition.

Knowing how and when to cultivate (yin) or expend (yang) energy is crucial.

To create harmony and establish balance requires discipline and patience. 

Ultimately, if we do not apply ourselves with enough intentional / intensional force we will not create a change, yet too much force will negate our progress.


Optimal Choice ~ benefits you and those on your dream team.

Sub-Optimal Choice ~ somewhat benefits you, yet upsets your dream team.

Do Nothing ~ depending upon the situation, doing nothing will either make matters worse or will allow for more time to perform essential research.


Dr Happiness ~ helps us live a life built upon purpose and feeding our legacy.

Dr Quiet ~ primarily sleep, gives us what we need to rest and recover.

Dr Diet ~ how we hydrate and nurture our body.

Dr Movement ~ a collaboration of exercise and movement protocols.

I Finally Realized... 

The Neck. The Neck. The Neck.

I’ve always been a freak about posture and would give the upper quarter a bunch of attention.


But, here’s the deal...


By and large, corrective exercise methodologies treat the neck as an afterthought.


Our industry spends most of its focus on the torso...aka “the core”.


During the summer of 2018, I flipped the script by giving the neck priority status as a rule.


What I found is this...


The neck leads the charge and, regardless of the issue, everything works better when the head is given the levity it deserves.

NOTE: the Ligamentum Nuchae is highlighted in green

Ligamentum nuchae green.jpeg



Jerry is a colleague of John inside the CHEK Institute along with being an insightful human being.


His primary reason for pursuing FNP was a reported "log jam" located at C7-T1.


To learn more about Jerry and his amazing talents, checkout BiohackingTruth.



Stephanie has an amazing spirit and strong capacity to read energy.


Her primarily reason for pursuing FNP was longterm chronic sacroiliac joint and hip pain.


To learn more about Stephanie and her wonderful gifts, checkout StephanieKraft.



Kyle has a passion for regenerative health and bioenergetics.


His primarily reason for pursuing FNP was a recent ankle and contralateral knee injury.


To learn more about Kyle and his efforts to make this world a better place, checkout Kyle Trautmann.


Most have experienced musculoskeletal pain at some point in their lifetime.

After two decades as a corrective exercise kinesiologist, John finally determined it is essential to start at the cervical spine as a rule because everything is dependent upon the neck.

Whether it be joint or muscle pain, all roads lead to static and dynamic posture as a key element for healing.
Unless the neck is ready to receive new signals from below, nothing will work as well as it could (should).

Johanna and John Welch created Freeborn Fitness & Holistic Healing, a premier coaching practice committed to re-engineering the body for decreased pain and increased performance.


Knowing all roads lead to the neck, we make cervical spine mobility, stability and strength a priority.

We help amazing people feel better and improve their lives everyday, each with unique challenges.

If you haven't given up on yourself and want to see a real change, we are ready to listen.


Whether you love Ju-Jitsu, gymnastics, running, gardening, yoga, parkour, synchronized swimming, etc... 
...kinesiology-inspired coaching will analyze what makes you unique and program your body to optimize physical performance. 

Every single sport or activity you could name will see an increased capacity to perform when the neck is optimally integrated with the body.

Let's schedule a Discovery Evaluation if you have a big enough dream to accomplish more via a 1:1 Private Coaching relationship.


The Calm is Real.

Parasympathetic On-Demand

I just performed 20-minutes of Freeborn Neck Protocol (FNP) and feel fantastic, mind and body.

Happens every time, euphoria, my friend.

This effect will last for the rest of the day and I will sleep like a baby this evening until I wake up and do it again.

Make it a ritual.

The better you become at spinal exploration, your intuitiveness will soar and your self-healing / human-performance takes flight.

Those of you who know, know.

As much as I love the extraordinary impact FNP has upon my body, there is nothing that compares to how my brain feels.

If you’ve yet to find this result, keep practicing, keep exploring.

We are each unique and ridiculously amazing.

Screen Shot 2021-12-25 at 11.23.25 PM.png

Christina Jackson Testimonial (4:53)

I am fortunate to spend my time with the best people on Earth and Christina Jackson emulates this fact.


The above video footage was edited from our 4th and final session together.


Christina, upon the recommendation of her husband (Nathan), hired Freeborn Fitness to help her address chronic musculoskeletal pain throughout her body, particularly her neck.


Seven months following the completion of our coaching relationship, I asked Christina if it would be ok to share this video.


Here is her reply:


"Use it!!! I seriously use this protocol MULTIPLE times a week and Nathan often does it, too.


The fact that we have the ability to identify even the smallest of changes in our body and retrain and strengthen them through this FNP is honestly so freeing.


I swear to you, you CAN NOT put a price on this type of knowledge because it is life changing. It's permanent, reusable knowledge. It addresses so much of the strain and pain that people deal with on such a regular basis. Pain that most consider a "normal" part of life.


Since when should chronic pain ever be considered normal? Treating the symptoms of those issues with pain meds or even a chiropractor visit, doesn't prevent them from reoccurring or allow them to improve.


I don't hype up something that I don't fully support and while I think each individual will have different experiences with this, I do think that the vast majority (if they are consistent and going in with good energy) can benefit tremendously.


You've got gold, John.


Price it accordingly and let everyone else see it's value.


For the record, since incorporating your protocol and addressing mineral deficiencies, I'm down 20lbs, have zero pain waking up, get better sleep and have more productive workouts and I have virtually no anxiety.


I've had horrible anxiety my entire life and it was worsened by chronic pain and fatigue (which your protocol helped address). When Nathan notices a change or I feel any pain, I'm straight to it and immediately better."

Screen Shot 2021-12-27 at 9.08.50 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-12-27 at 9.09.21 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-12-27 at 9.11.27 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-12-27 at 9.11.04 PM.png

The Backstory

Casted Infancy


I was born with clubbed-feet and, from 6-18 months of age, wore two bar-connected casts from mid-foot all the way to my upper-thighs.

I was forced to crawl, walk and sleep while casted.

Although I do not consciously remember this situation, I can feel it etched into my deepest musculoskeletal patterns.

Little Old Lady

At 7-years old, I was standing with one foot atop the other while waiting to checkout a few books inside Walworth Public Library.


All of a sudden, a little old lady grabbed my arm and swung me around while pointing her crooked finger in my face.

"Young boy, she exclaimed, you are going to wreck your ankle standing like that...my nephew stood like that for years and now he is in therapy!"

My first thought was, "who is this crazy old lady?!"


Then, as soon as I realized I wasn't in danger, I deduced, "she's right, if I stand like that all of the time it would become a problem."

You see, I had chronic knee issues at the time, so her message was heard loud and clear.

From that moment forward I became more and more focused upon the power of self-observation. (and, the rest is history.)

The Pain


Wandering Symptoms


Even though my knees were an overriding concern throughout childhood, the shinsplints I endured from 7th through 9th grade were preciously painful, wow.


This is where I began to dial-in strategies of cause-and-effect at a higher level and, in hindsight, can clearly understand why my shins freaked-out during my tween years.



Kill Anything That Moves


I loved, loved, loved playing high school football...at least the parts I can remember.


Fortunately, I was good enough to never leave the field and saw a bunch of action.


We would be in the huddle when I began to feel confused and, upon moving into position I would turn to Marty and ask, "what's the call?"


He would say, "stand here and kill anything that moves!"


It would take another few minutes to regain clarity before realizing I played a quarter of football that I do not remember, also known as a 'blackout concussion'.


As much as the head injuries concerned me, I was more focused on the constant 'stingers', where my arms would go numb and sting multiple times per game.


Knowing what I know now, I have zero doubt my neck was at the heart of both issues and wonder what would have occurred if my ligamentum nuchae was functional.

Nobody Cares More


The longest-standing and most relentless pain has been my left wrist and forearm.


Although it was not properly diagnosed until decades later, I ripped open the fascia from my wrist to my elbow as a bus boy at a country club the summer prior to 9th grade.


The pain was excruciating at night and needed to be managed by pain-killers (or, so I thought).


I found adrenaline allowed me to use my left arm while playing football, yet felt helpless at night, to the point where I developed numerous compensations in order to cope with the pain.


After a decade my hand became extremely atrophied and my wrist lost significant range of motion.


I set my first Doctor's appointment in many years at the age of 24 and immediately received a proposal for surgery.


I asked, "will the surgery stop the pain?"


The Doctor laughed and said, "I have no idea...it might make the pain worse."


Although I did not appreciate his laughter, I immediately thought, "nobody cares more about my pain, than me".


It took me about 6-months to turn off the pain and stop the Aleve addiction, plus another few years to open up the wrist range of motion.


There is no better example of pain being a guru in my life considering I learned countless lessons from the wrist injury.

The Solution


Serendipitous Discovery


The summer of 2018 I developed neuropathy throughout my arms and legs, particularly into my right hand.


This issue had been swirling in and out of my life for quite some time, especially since I traumatically injured my right shoulder a few years earlier.


As luck would have it, I was performing quite a bit of red light therapy and had plenty of time to experiment with movements while lying flat on my back.


I began to engage my 5th point of contact (the head) into the floor and, 45-minutes later, stood up with zero neuropathy and a brain that felt crystal clear...euphoric, even.


The next day I continued to feel amazing and, while preparing dinner, was shocked to feel the ligamentum nuchae sticking out from my cervical spine.


Initially, I was concerned that I may have damaged my neck, yet quickly eliminated such an idea considering my neck had never felt better and my 85% recovered shoulder jumped to 100% overnight.


I had to break a number of traditional rules en route to this discovery, particularly the time variable. It was at this point that I became consumed by 'yes' and 'no' signals.



Not Impossible


My initial reaction when I first learned of the ligamentum nuchae, and still feel like this today, is why in the world is this ligament the best kept secret of the human body?


For the first two years after I unleashed primal spinal intelligence, I didn't teach the protocols to anyone and almost considered these patterns 'un-coachable'.


Ultimately, I never taught FNP to my Chicago clientele because we were focused on other aspects of fitness, yet I would use my hands to activate their ligamentum nuchae on a case by case basis.


Although my clients loved the bodywork, we would all have been much better off if I simply taught them how to hit the floor, FNP style.

The Future


Your Super Power


I am convinced that to unleash the ligamentum nuchae is to awaken a primal, spinal intelligence.


Dr. Daniel Lieberman of Harvard University is of the opinion the nuchal ligament (western term) is devolving from the human species due to lifestyle factors and footwear.


Where the good doctor recommends we run barefoot in an attempt to restore proper function, Freeborn Neck Protocol is built upon our earliest developmental activations in life.


If you have a desire for improved spinal function and the capacity to focus with intention and intension, FNP is for you.


The ligamentum nuchae, in many ways, is the most primal of all structures within our anatomy. To tap into this massive sail-like ligament will take your body and mind to the next level.