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We coach the warrior-minded to self-heal.

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The ligamentum nuchae (LN) is the best kept secret of our species and will unlock human potential when optimally activated and integrated.

We coach people around the world remotely and will consider adding you to our schedule if you have a big enough dream with achievable goals.


Grab a free copy of the ebook, "Backbone Secrets", and join our community of purpose-driven warriors who want to self-heal.

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Billy Hardwick

Dude, FNP is AMAZING!!

I'm a bit obsessed now.

Honestly, I thought I was too far gone and back surgery was inevitable.

But now, I'm not just hopeful for healing...

I'm sure I'm on the right path.

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Casey Ury

After having neck pain for years, due to injuries and dancing my whole life, I have tried everything to heal.

Muscle memory is taking control of my body and I am breaking the damaging postures.

I am learning to reconnect my spine the correct way.


FNP is a lifestyle change that's worth the effort!

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Dean Tsarwhas, MD

I had previously been a client of John Welch and always respected his knowledge and dedication.

After a few sessions and practicing John’s principle of spine health my neck pain resolved!

I would strongly recommend John Welch to anyone looking to improve their spine and overall health.

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Harley Papa

My neck has been faring pretty well!

It's just so nice to not have to rely on a Chiropractor or a piece of equipment to feel better.

Hit the Floor

Freeborn Fitness & Holistic Healing is a premier coaching practice committed to re-engineering the body to relieve pain and increase performance through online courses, workshops and one-on-one private coaching.

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