Most have experienced musculoskeletal pain at some point in their lifetime.

After nearly two decades as a corrective exercise kinesiologist, John finally determined it is essential to start at the cervical spine as a rule because everything is dependent upon the neck.

Whether it be joint or muscle pain, all roads lead to static and dynamic posture as a key element for healing.
Unless the neck is ready to receive new signals from below, nothing will work as well as it could (should).


Are You Ready to Unleash Primal Spinal Intelligence?

Johanna and John Welch created Freeborn Fitness & Holistic Healing, a premier coaching practice committed to re-engineering the body for decreased pain and increased performance.


Knowing all roads lead to the neck, we make cervical spine mobility, stability and strength a priority.

We help amazing people feel better and improve their lives everyday, each with unique challenges.

If you haven't given up on yourself and want to see a real change, we are ready to listen.


Whether you love Ju-Jitsu, gymnastics, running, gardening, yoga, parkour, synchronized swimming, etc... 
...kinesiology-inspired coaching will analyze what makes you unique and program your body to optimize physical performance. 

Every single sport or activity you could name will see an increased capacity to perform when the neck is optimally integrated with the body.

Let's schedule a 30-minute consultation if you have a big enough dream to accomplish more via a 1:1 Private Coaching relationship.


Sandra, Intuitive Healer

It has been my extreme pleasure to coach Sandra Lee over the past number of months. 

Sandra is an amazing wellness practitioner and I encourage you to become acquainted with her at Miracle Inspirations

In this 38-minute video, Sandra interviews me about Freeborn Neck Protocol while offering her own testimonial for what happened when she unleashed her primal spinal intelligence.

I Finally Realized... 

The Neck. The Neck. The Neck.

I’ve always been a freak about posture and would give the upper quarter a bunch of attention.


But, here’s the deal...


By and large, corrective exercise methodologies treat the neck as an afterthought.


Our industry spends most of its focus on the torso...aka “the core”.


Two and a half years ago I flipped the script for myself, personally, by giving the neck priority status.


What I found is this...


The neck leads the charge and, regardless of the issue, everything works better when the head is given the levity it deserves.

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Allison, Entreprenuer

John utilizes extremely mindful, integrative exercises to strengthen the core. His professional approach is thoughtful and precise. He works diligently to assess your capabilities as his client and will put together an intense, level appropriate workout. He is awesome!


Cipriana, Engineer

Johanna Atma Daspriti is an amazing gift to the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, a solid ring in the Golden Chain. Her class leadings are warm, fluent and easy to digest. She has a great feel of what kriya set is needed for the time being and she will lead you to your own unique experience!

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Eldridge, Engineer

John has the ability to focus and concentrate the efforts of a training session on muscles that must work together to accomplish what needs to get done in our daily lives and that's not something easily done, even for the most seasoned fitness professionals.